Project Reports

Below are reports of the Yukon Community Transportation Project. Clicking on the titles will open a PDF in a new tab.

A final report will be added by July 2021.

Yukon’s Transportation Landscape (February 2021)

This environmental scan provides a high-level overview of Yukon’s current transportation landscape, with a focus on the following four questions:

    • How do people and goods currently move between Yukon communities?
    • Why do people and goods currently move between Yukon communities?
    • What travel patterns currently exist between Yukon communities?
    • What external factors and trends influence how and why people and goods move between Yukon communities?
Yukon’s Rural Transportation Challenge (Considerations & Preliminary Options) (April 2021)

This report builds on the analysis of Yukon’s regional transportation landscape, examines key challenges that limit access to transportation, and outlines preliminary options for improvement.

Summary Report (March 2021)

This interim summary provides a snapshot of our key findings as of March 2021, including results of our online survey, research on the Yukon’s transportation landscape, and considerations and options for change.