The Yukon Community Travel Project is exploring how and why Yukoners travel by road between communities, the challenges they face and opportunities for change.

Sponsored by the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce, this project has been researching and gathering feedback from Yukoners and Yukon organizations about travel between communities in the territory.

Project approach

We have looked at expert research, case studies and travel data. We have also done interviews with key stakeholders and distributed an online survey which hundreds of individuals and organizations completed.

The Summary Report provides highlights from all of this work to date. Additional reports on the Yukon’s transportation landscape and on considerations and options for change can be found on our Reports page.

Next steps

The next phase of this project involves hosting a series of invitational stakeholder meetings in the spring of 2021 to share the results of our research and to discuss ideas for moving forward on options for improving Yukon’s intercommunity transportation.

Our research and the additional feedback from these meetings will be integrated into a final report, expected in June 2021.

The final report will be shared with interested parties and made available on this website (along with our additional research reports).

By shedding new light on potential steps forward, we hope to connect and inform organizations and individuals with an interest in making it easier for people to travel between Yukon communities.


Read our Summary Report

This new report provides a snapshot of our key findings so far!

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You can also view our additional research on our Reports page.