The Yukon Community Travel Project explored how and why Yukoners travel by road between communities, the challenges they face, and ideas and opportunities for change.

The project emerged from a growing awareness that gaps in transportation services between communities have a significant impact on Yukoners’ lives and livelihoods.

The project team looked at expert research, case studies and travel data. They also did interviews with key stakeholders and distributed an online survey which hundreds of individuals and organizations completed.

The project was sponsored by the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce. It was initiated in the spring of 2020 and wrapped up in June 2021.

Final report:

Yukon Community Travel Project: Final Report (June 2021)

Supporting documents:

What We Heard: Community Engagement in the Yukon Community Travel Project (June 2021)

Yukon’s Rural Transportation Challenge (Considerations & Preliminary Options) (April 2021)

Summary Report (Interim) (March 2021)

Yukon’s Transportation Landscape (February 2021)


If you would like any further information about the project, please contact the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce at or (867) 667-7917. 


Final Report Available

The Final Report was completed in June 2021. It integrates all of the project’s research and feedback we received from interviews, surveys and workshops.

The report also provides recommendations for next steps.

The Final Report is available on the Yukon First Nation Chamber of Commerce website at, along with four supporting documents.